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Nursery hazel Blatnica    
This year we are able to offer you the following varieties of hazel trees:  

kosford - is an old English variety. Bush is very showy, born regularly and abundantly. Variety is a good autosterilna her pollinators Halske giant and Lambert crvenolisni. Medium matures late. The fruits are very red shell and the core is red. It has a very high kernel percentage 53-54% with 68.72% of oil



Halske div - is widespread across Europe. The fruit is large, roundish conical shell is slightly flattened dark medium thick. The core of well-filled shell, is a sweet and pleasant taste


Tonda Gentile Roman. originated from C. avellana. There is a very lush tree. Although the shrub, grows upright. Formed small shoots. This variety is sometimes prerodi and alternative birth.  I formed a lot of fringe, usually in a group of 2-3 together. It is a good pollinator for standard ... more


Istrian long - Bush this variety is quite exuberant more going in width than in height and has a globular shape.. Wide distribution is determined by its virtues. Compared with some other varieties provides a full and abundant harvest, rather than suffer from lijeskotoča because .... more

  Istrian round 
- a household name and the excellent climatic conditions suited to our climate. 
- flowering: the end of the month to the beginning of III. (Usually at the first winter warming). 
- pollinators: Lambert red and white, Roman 
- yield: 45% 
- fruit quality: excellent, good for various purposes. Best for making custard, and fried as a snack, the addition of chocolate to mix in different kinds of cakes. 
- resistant to the disease 
- need protection from ljeskotoča. 
- Breeding form: tree or shrub with three to four shoots


All these varieties of plants are certified under the varietal-health control of the Agricultural Institute of Banja Luka. 
All of our customers with purchased seedlings receive: 
- free scripts 
- supervising and scripts
- expert advice and literature 
- tracking your time being of our professional service 
- the possibility of agreement on the agreed purchase 
quantity of all plants are limited so it is advisable to make advance reservations.

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