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Growing hazel and economic viability

Hazel has long been considered only the forest type and when it began to cultivate a culture it is not paid to much attention. Lack of knowledge about Liješće influenced the slow introduction in the production and raising large plantations, even despite the fact that for this culture in our agroecological conditions are ideal. 
Generally speaking hazel is challenging the culture, but without carrying out proper and professional farming and pomotehničkih measure the results will of course absent. Of course, whoever is possibly involved in agriculture know that money and the results will not come overnight. 
Ethnicity in full respect to gender and regular agricultural pomotehnike gives 13-17 kg of nuts, and according to age as follows:

Year of planting

Rod in% of full yield

III 10%
IV 20%
V 40%
VI 80%
VII 100%

 Table 1 showing hazelnut crop per year


Seen from the above it is clear that the first fruits of the third year we can expect a full yield seven years. Regular fruiting will have the next 30 -50 years. About 50% of fruit waste to a shell. 
oljuštenog hazelnut current value on the world stock market is 7 € / kg. During the past 15 years prices have never been lower than 5.5 € / kg, while the 2005 year, the price was 11 € / kg. 
Given that one hectare is planted about 800 seedlings hazel easy to come up with what the calculation of gross revenue on an annual level. In addition to be added to the height of incentives by the Ministry of Agriculture 40% and local incentives, whose height ranges depending on the municipality.


Land is one of the primary factors for the successful production and must examine its chemical-physical characteristics. Although not a big hazel probirac most suitable land for the hazel rastresitija and with lower groundwater levels. Lands that contain less than 3% of humus ate less than 10mg readily available phosphorus and potassium 10mg readily available are not suitable for the cultivation of drug and their composition must be adjusted, applying ameliorating fertilization. 
Planting hazel 
hazel Planting is done in November. It is necessary prpremiti land. 
Preparation consists of agromeliorativnog fertilization then rigolovanja, plowing, tanjiranja, setvospremanja and manually digging pits for planting. 
Riglovanja practiced 2-3 months before planting. In the spring after planting should prikratiti seed of the prescribed length. 
Maintenance area 
of land is a regular maintenance Agrotechnical measures aimed at preventing the growth of weeds. aeration and to maintain the necessary soil moisture. In areas with sufficient precipitation processes in a narrow belt in place while the rest is held in the form of open field and can be futile and a system of Hungarians. The plantations raised on steep slopes, land is held in the form of open field to prevent erosion. 
Content nutrients must be controlled throughout the year. Nitrogen is an important element for growth, phosphorus acts apovoljno the beginning of growth and fruiting, while potassium is essential to have quality food. 
Chemical Protection 
Unlike other fruit crops hazel chemical treatment is reduced to 3-4 treatments because there is no significant disease. 
Program of the chemical treatment hazel will get in our download section 

Irrigation is essential and very important measures, especially in the critical stages of development hazel. These phases have a vegetative growth ( April, May, June) two fruit filling (July, August) 3 Accumulation of reserves (eptembar, October). Irrigation should be done in the critical months in the dry period every 30 days. Due to drought and lack of moisture fruits can fall in a large percentage up to 62% 
The aim of this very important Pomotechnical measure is to regulate and create the proper relationship between vegetative growth and fruit. This measure contributes to the beginning of the cropping, the amount of yield, fertility and longevity of the regular fruit. Pruning regulates the favorable ratio of roots and above-ground portion of the total leaf area important for photosynthesis. Pruning is necessary because each year and make it younger fruit trees in order to form a training system for those fruit trees in the genus to restoring native tree. It was found that the largest number of bearing buds on the branches in the zone of 15-40 cm and it is necessary to focus attention on the formation of growth of this length. From the empirical norm has been proved that the yield per hectare by applying lines of cutting increased 400-500 kg.

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